Making Space with Hoda Kotb

Mel Robbins: "You Deserve This"

Episode Summary

Mel Robbins joins Hoda to talk about her famous 5-second rule, the truth about motivation, and how to make big life changes in the new year.

Episode Notes

You can change your life. That’s the mantra motivational expert Mel Robbins lives by. And it’s the very reason millions of people around the globe, Hoda included, follow Mel and the advice she shares in her TEDx Talk and on her podcast. Mel believes that change is much easier than we imagine – and we just have to stop thinking too much. She swears by the 5- second rule.

In this invigorating, inspiring and very frank conversation, Hoda asks the questions we all want answers to. How can we be better versions of ourselves? When can we expect results? And why should we make these changes? The answer to that last one is simple - because you deserve this.