Making Space with Hoda Kotb

Shania Twain: “Queen of Me”

Episode Summary

Shania Twain talks with host Hoda Kotb about her new music, “Queen of Me,” and the challenges she faced with losing her parents and battling disease.

Episode Notes

As the top-selling female country music artist in history, Shania Twain has seen decades of career highs. But, behind the music, Shania experienced incredible challenges. In this deeply personal conversation with Hoda, Shania reflects on her difficult childhood, the loss of her parents, and her battle with the disease that almost cost the artist her voice. Now in her fifties, Shania is once again on top. With new music and an upcoming tour, she is talking to Hoda about becoming the “Queen of Me.”

In an earlier version of this “Making Space” Shania Twain episode we misstated her age.  She is 57.